Updating Carli – archiso – Calamares – back to finished instead of finishedq – pacman-init check – new sddm theme elegant

In this video you see what you need to do to maintain a projec like Carli:

  • new Calamares – what changed
  • new Calamares config – what changed
  • new Archiso – what changed – do we change with it
  • new packages – update
  • new Sddm theme – Elegant
  • check on pacman-init process

Capital E was needed for SDDM theme + dependency was not in the AUR script

Grub image was broken – from .png to .jpg fixed it

Ricing your distro is one of the things that can you give pleasure.

We change the look:

  • nemesis scripts
  • icons
  • wallpapers from Wallhaven – thank you variety
  • bar to the top
  • extra panelĀ 
  • plank and 80+ themes