Submicron wallpapers pkgbuild series

There are 11 video’s on the topic. Use the button on the top left inside the youtube window to switch.

In this video series we will see my complete workflow how I got from a huge download to packages that ArcoLinux users can install.

We create githubs.

We read on the Arch wiki how to create packages and read the guidelines.

We create the PKGBUILD.

We move the package to the repo.

We improve the PKGBUILD for a second time.

We improve the PKGBUILD for a third time.

We learn how to set the wallpaper with variety.



General Package Building Information

On the AUR you will find thousands of PKGBUILDS.
You can use their PKGBUILDS or make one yourself.

AUR = Arch User Repository – A user is someone like you and me.

Here are some interesting links if you want to make your own ‘recipe’ or PKGBUILD.