Ricing your desktop is fun and easy with this workflow

Out of the box, many desktops out of the box are “not nice” or just unpolished.

This is one of the faqs people ask me:

how can I make my future distro look amazing?

Content of video

  • we need to figure out where any desktop keeps its settings .config .local or …
  • we use a workflow so we can analyze what files matter for the desktop
  • theme your system
  • compare with meld what changed to the .config .local folder or other folders
  • we change also Cinnamon settings besides icons, themes, background, …
  • we learn that the settings are in .config/dconf/user
  • we can edit/read the dconf/user file with dconf-editor
  • that is the file we need to theme Cinnamon
  • that file needs to go in our package