Monthly clean-up of our ArcoLinux repositories

If we run this script
you will see this message for a few seconds

Client Side

This article is created in the context that you will make an iso yourself. Start your own distribution.

There are  a lot of things you need to figure out besides the building of your distro.

We are diving into the maintenance of your repositories that are online and readily available for our users to connect with.

When you do an update in your terminal, you are connecting to our repositories or repo’s in short to get the latest packages in.

A github has a hidden folder .git and over time this folder become super big

So from time to time we check the size of this folder and we clean it up.

We do this because of the sheer amount of bandwidth we use with every git clone.

There is in the case of a repo no need to be able to go back in time and put a package back from a year ago.

So all the commits are lost but all the backups are lost too.

The result is again the smallest possible .git folder.

We have a clean up script and in the video we go over every command and see the result.

Server Side

We show you the result of the cleanup action we have made locally and then pushed to github.

But the end-user will not get the end-result of your work yet.

First we explain you how the arcolinux-mirrorlist works.

We have seedhost as the first mirror and github as the second.

Until now we have only updated the githubs and NOT the seedhost repo.

Then we need to create a script to actually get the new cleaned githubs on seedhost.

So we created the script

It will delete the huge githubs on seedhost and git clones the new cleaned githubs from

We also discuss the other scripts like md5sum check and script as well.