Managing files via packages rather than putting them on the archiso

We start of by changing the version of ArcoLinux in the /etc/lsb-release file.

At this point in time we have create a file that is interesting to explain as it concerns how to build an Archiso.

Basically we have moved files from the Archiso to a new package ArcoLinux-system-configuration-git

That must be one of our rules later to build an iso. 

Anything that can go to a package must go to a package.

Packages we can manage with pacman.

Anything in the Archiso folder can NOT be managed later on.

Archiso stands for 2 things. 

Firstly it is an application you can install and it can create for you an Arch Linux iso. Read on the wiki all about it.

It brings you a bare structure of how to create an iso. You can see the structure and the files if you open pamac and take a look at the contents of the package. You can also install archiso and navigate to /usr/share/archiso. There are all the folders and files. We start with that at the very beginning.

It brings you also a vast amount of knowledge embedded in scripts that will create your Arch Linux iso.

Secondly it will stand for the folder in which all your files and folders will be in order to make an iso.