Installing LARBS on ArcoLinuxD

Goals, Objectives & Strategy

  • investigate the current installers for Arch Linux


Read all info available on

Check out code on

Check all the packages aka the lego blocks it is going to install



We have just created ArcoLinuxD and we take it for a spin
We could have started with Arch Linux iso as well

Larbs is going to install a fully-feature tiling window manager based system called dwm.

We check out the information on the website.

And then we install ArcoLinuxD on virtualbox and we follow the steps described on the website of Luke Smith. 

We need to run the larbs script as root.

sudo ./

I had created already my own account erik. Larbs will overwrite my password. Since it is the same, no problems.

Basically we do not need to create a user account. Larbs will do that for you.

Then you sit back and see what will be installed.

We take a look at the dotfiles of Luke and investigate the code and give tips about how to find configs.

Dwm starts immediately with the help of startx.

We get an error with a package called task spooler. We flag it out of date on the AUR and we end the installation.

video course

A few hours later the package is fixed and we can retry the script from Larbs.

This time it is a success.

Luke works with startx and that is fine.

We work with lightdm and that is fine too.


After installing Awesome with the ArcoLinux Tweak Tool and after installing our lightdm we can not start dwm anymore.

In this video I show you we are missing only one file in /usr/share/xsessions. We create that particular file and then we can start dwm again.

The file is called dwm.desktop and this is the content.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Dynamic window manager

More sources

You can get more information about their project on the website.