Ufetch is one of your funscripts that we can install on our system.

You can find all the information about the fun script here.

We discover that ufetch has a specific Arco look for the script.

We decided to make a separate package for ArcoLinux called ufetch-arco-git.

Follow the video to see the procedure how to change the current ufetch pkbuild from AUR and change it into an ufetch-arco pkgbuild.

We use meld to compare both PKGBUILDs. Original one and the one of ArcoLinux.

Learn by comparing.

We name the packages differently to avoid conflicts. We have now the command ufetch and ufetch-arco.

Just be save  – the way we build things can only be done on Arch Linux based systems.

Install with 

sudo pacman -S ufetch-arco-git


test with


in the terminal.