How to make a package and include it in your repo

We are showing you how to make a package and will post it later on the ArcoLinux repo.

We surf to the AUR packages website of Arch Linux and look for xfce4-panel-profiles.

We download the snapshot and extract it.

The PKGBUILD file is your recipe to create a package.

I have a system in place to automate everything. Building, signing, moving and cleaning.

But a makepkg command will test out if your PKGBUILD is correct.

We analyze what happens when you start a makepkg.

General Package Building Information

On the AUR you will find thousands of PKGBUILDS.
You can use their PKGBUILDS or make one yourself.

AUR = Arch User Repository – A user is someone like you and me.

Here are some interesting links if you want to make your own ‘recipe’ or PKGBUILD.