How to add your own personal repository to the ArcoLinuxB iso

After creating your own repository with this article and building packages with this article you may want to add your personal repo to the ArcoLinuxB iso.

adding your repo on the ArcoLinuxB iso

Add your package to the package list.

We need to run nr. 30 but we need to stop it in time because we need to add our own repo in time.

We go over the code in nr 30 and explain what it will do.

Put the code exit 1 just before the line that contains

sudo ./ -v

Then we run script 30 and go to ~/arcolinuxb-build/archiso.

First we need to change two files concerning the pacman.conf

We add these lines to both pacman.conf files also the pacman.conf.work_dir

SigLevel = Optional TrustedOnly
Server =$repo/$arch

Then we run the script

sudo ./ -v

The only thing to do after the build is try it out in a virtual box and see if everything works.

We check also the /etc/pacman.conf if it contains our personal repo.

We make a new package for our repo and you will see that an update will come in the virtualbox.