How does ArcoLinux use the archiso script and its own scripts to build all the isos

Arcolinux has just one iso

We started with Xfce, Openbox and i3

We eliminate a lot of packages
we get arcolinuxd

In ArcoLinuxB we share the building process with you

every desktop gets its own backpack 

Green= 30 script

Yellow = build script from Archiso

Red = airootfs file

Online you will find all the githubs and we compare different githubs with each other.

We compare ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxD with the application Meld.

You see that in many cases there is just one letter difference – the letter D.

Some services are just not installed on ArcoLinuxD – see airootfs file

One of the important files to build an iso is coming from the application archiso.

Then we compare the packages.x86_64 file from ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxD.
ArcoLinuxD intends to be a minimal iso. You end up in a black terminal. You git clone the desktop you like, change the scripts we provide you and start running them so they suit your needs. 

We think about what lego blocks we want to install on the iso and so should you. It is a personal choice.

Our own script number 30-build-the-iso-local* has been changed. (and 31 for the linux-lts kernel)

The goals for the change are

  • easy to compare
  • easier maintenance
  • more color
  • more structure
  • more educational value

In ArcoLinuxB we give you the power to build the iso yourself. If we can run the script so can you.

We compare packages.xf86_64 files to see the differences but also to see what is the same. In the video I compare this file to a backpack you take with you on your travels.

We can compare xfce, xfce-bare, xfce-minimal.

We can compare Awesome and Xfce and all the other githubs and desktops.


Then we run the script 30-build-the-iso-local*.

As example we build ArcoLinuxB Bspwm Bare because it is very small iso and it will be build very fast.

We add steam to the installation.

Then we run the script nr 30 and talk about what happens. (green coloring)

Then the build script kicks in and it has the color yellow. It is coming from the archiso package.

When the titles become red then we are in airootfs. That is a very special file that sets your Arch Linux / ArcoLinux system.

We end up with a new iso and we show that steam is installed on the iso.


The script I mentioned in the video is

The number XX gets updated.

Check the official channel on discord or ask.

Do not postpone it any longer

Start building today