learn how to make your own distro

based on Arch linux

only 64 bits

document where the knowledge was found

build it up chronologically

explain from A TO Z

best practices explained

Calamares is our default installer

Plasma is our default desktop

Create your own packages

Add your own packages from your repository

add aur packages to the iso

Start from scratch

archiso explained

back-office is explained

build up like a course

Choose your own desktop on your iso

Arch Linux installers investigated

Calamares installer explained

Configure the desktop the way you like it

sign your packages

follow changes on the Arch linux iso

learn how to make your own distro

Discover the art of creating your own Linux distribution

Our goal is not merely to replicate the process facilitated by the ArcoLinuxB or ArcoLinux project, which already provides the means to build an ArcoLinux ISO. Instead, we aim to offer a comprehensive educational resource for both current and aspiring developers who are keen on crafting distributions based on Arch Linux.

This initiative is designed to be as thorough as possible, merging a wealth of information from various sources into a dense, informative guide. Our ambition is for you to culminate this journey with a functional Arch Linux ISO, achieved through incremental stages of development.

The process is structured in phases, allowing you to dive in at any point and build upon the existing groundwork. Whether you choose to follow our path closely or forge your own direction at any stage, the experience is meant to be engaging, inventive, and educational for all involved.

Embracing errors as part of the learning curve, we are committed to adapting and evolving. A key aspect of our mission is to foster a vibrant community of developers and enthusiasts on the ArcoLinux Discord channel, where ideas, challenges, and solutions can freely circulate.

While numerous methods exist for ISO creation, our exploration will be guided by practicality, community interest, and the pursuit of best practices. This endeavor is envisioned as a long-term project, with new phases, videos, or articles unveiled monthly.

A critical step in our process involves naming our ISO. We’ve chosen “Carli” as a moniker, an acronym for Customized Arch Linux Iso, symbolizing our project’s focus and identity.

Our GitHub repository, available at https://github.com/arcolinuxiso, stands ready to host all necessary contributions for this exciting project.

Join us in this creative and collaborative journey towards
mastering the creation of your own Linux distribution.

Coloring of Carli has a meaning

C = color from ArcoLinux

AR = color from Arch Linux

L = color from the feet of our little Linux mascotte called Tux

I = color from an iso – silver/grey