Creating a PKGBUILD for arcolinux-wallpapers-candy-git with Leftwm design in mind

Let us make a PKGBUILD for Leftwm called arcolinux-wallpapers-candy-git.

  • you find something on internet that you want to have on your computer
  • it is not on the AUR
  • create your own pkgbuild
  • build it – makepkg
  • double-click the xz file or put it on a repository online so we can all install it

If you want to add it to the AUR, read the submission guidelines.

Read how to create packages.

Read the package guidelines.

We use the pkgbuild that we created already in the past.

Read all the PKGBUILDs you can get and learn from them.

Sometimes you need to add dependencies. Not for wallpapers though.