1 Carli 10 – Moving away from using customize_airootfs.sh

We did not record all the changes.
It started out with a small change and ended in a complete switch.

We will use gitahead and meld to check the changes.

What is different between Carli 9 and Carli 10?

The video is one hour.


  • customize_airootfs.sh is NOT used anymore
  • with meld we compare carli 9 to carli 10
  • Carli keyring has been improved
  • Carli-before script
  • Carli-after script
  • cow-space added
  • I love candy for pacman.conf
  • Calamares will start with debugging
  • using Calamares 3.2.39
  • creating a new Calamares config
  • encryption is possible
  • termbin as reporting service to investigate Calamares