Calamares can be styled – how to solve an styling issue on Calamares

Every other line is unreadable until you click on it.

The main point of this article is to share the existence of the tool gammaray.

It can give you a hand in finding out the widget names and settings you need to style Calamares.

We investigate an issue we have had for a few months now.

We also show you to make a dump of the Calamares widget tree.

You will find it in /root/.cache/calamares/session.log.

Shown in the video

#mlistFlags {
alternatingRowColors: false;

Not shown in the video (full disclosure)

QListView::item:alternate {
color: #58B2D7;
color: black;

After some further testing I am convinced the QListView code is the actual code being at work to solve my issue.
And not the mlistFlags.