Arch Linux Fast installer and Arch Linux Desktop Installer can help you get an Arch Linux Operating system

Goals, Objectives & Strategy

  • investigate the current installers for Arch Linux
  • compare and learn for the Carli project


Tip :

first see a few installations
to understand what it takes
to install an Arch Linux operating system.

Any of these “All-in-one installations” will do fine.

You will get a general grasp of the things to do.

  1. Arch wiki at
  2. ArcoLinux wiki at ArcoLinux Phase 5


There are more ways than one to get an Arch Linux operating system on your hardware.

Here we build upon the work of Matmoul and follow the installation steps to install Arch Linux and later Lxde as desktop.

First we get the Arch Linux iso from

Then we boot it up and get the installationscript from the net.

See the links on this website :

We need to make the script executable so we do the following

chmod +x ./archfi

then we can launch it with


Then you better follow the video as it takes a while to go over all the settings.

video course

More sources

You can get more information about their project on the website.

video course – arcolinux spices

In previous video we followed the Arch Desktop Installer – this time we stop after the Arch Fast Installer and get our data in from the desktop we like on

With some common sense and the help of our wiki on – see phase 5 and the all-in-one tutorials you will know what to do at what time.

Then you decide what scripts you will run and which not.

Re-use our scripts and change them to your scripts.

More sources

You can get more information about their project on the website.

Playlist of all Arch Linux installers