Anarchy Linux – a simple and intuitive Arch Linux Installer

Goals, Objectives & Strategy

  • investigate the current installers for Arch Linux
  • check the Sardi and Surf icons collection


Get their iso.


Before changing our Carli iso it is a great time to check out
any and all ways to install desktops on Arch Linux.

With arrows and enter we move through the installers.

Follow the video to see what steps we need to take with version 1.0.6 of Anarchy Linux.

We get our azerty keys in with loadkeys be-latin1.

You can choose between linux and linux-lts kernel and select the desktop.

We change the shell from zsh to bash.

At 6:20 you will see the list of packages it will install on your harddisk.

We check out what parts anarchy has as icons, theme and font.

We install yay-bin rather than building yay.

video course

More sources

You can get more information about their project on the website.


Playlist of all Arch Linux installers