9 Creation of a new Calamares and a new Calamares configuration based on the QML modules

Read here to know more about the bay I mentioned in the beginning of the video.

We show you how to create a new Calamares version and will show a possible workflow. Some tips and tricks as well.

We decide to keep the configuration apart from the application. The advantage is that building a configuration is much faster and in frequency the configuration will change more frequent than the Calamares installer.

Goal is to create a new Calamares configuration that will show the new QML modules that are being developed.

A way to track the progress over time.

We create a new repository on github and copy/paste the config and change it.The workflow matters in all these videos.


We show you how to create a new pkgbuild for the new package.

We aim always for the minimal amount of work.

We need to add the new package to our package list or packages.x86_64 and built the ISO again.

In this video we ran into issues with the key from Carli. We will explain how you can fix that.

There is a script on the github that will get the Carli key and sign it so you can built the iso.

My advice : do not start (yet) with signing packages on your repo.

I am even considering to remove the key from Carli altogether.

It will make things less complex – the keyservers have been ‘faulty’ for two months now – 07 and 08 2021. Will they get fixed?

Only the ubuntu keyserver seems to work for 100% these days.

Now we test out the iso and then we discover a mistake that we fix together.

It is all part of developing. Typo’s, spaces, tabs, dashes, …

Try and try again. Never surrender.


Summary how to get the Carli key

Just for fun and for testing the key we create a Carli ISO with Cinnamon as desktop.

It will the Cinnamon look from Arch LInux.