8 New archiso – new Calamares – new Calamares config

The goal is to create a new look for Calamares.

We did not record the jump to the last version of Archiso since there was almost no change.

But before we do that there is more maintenance work to be done.

We need to update our Calamares package to version 3.2.40.


Then we create a new Calamares config based on the ArcoLinux config.

We add more netinstall modules.

Use tools like ripgrep, the_platinum_searcher_bin and catfish.

None of the packages that come from AUR can be installed

You have to build them and add them to your repo

Installation failed

Package manager error

We solved it by changing a parameter in packages.conf file (calamares configuration) and set

update_db:  false

The reason why this is happening still escapes me at this point.
But it is a solution for now.

Solved in later commits

We changed the parameter in packages.conf file (calamares configuration) back to its original setting:

update_db:  true

We needed to delete a symlink /etc/resolv.conf and add a link to start the networkmanager.service. See this commit.


I deleted an example of all the possibilities the netinstall module has to offer.

That is back in now.

Last time we added some Calamares files from ArcoLinux.
ArcoLinux has many packages on their repo.

Carli has almost none.

You can only use packages that are either on the Arch Linux repos or on your own.

You can NOT use packages that are on the AUR. Those are not packages. They are just pkgbuilds. Isobuilders need to create the package and put it on the repo. Then you can add them to Calamares.

I have deleted all the packages that you can not install with Carli 10 based on the current content of the Arch Linux repos and the current content of the Carli repo.

The tip is:

Use the calamares log file

Search for exit code: 1

Makeover of Calamares

  • bigger fonts
  • menu at the right
  • new image to greet the user
  • menu at right is qml and not widget + design
  • easy password is now possible
  • finishedq is used