5 Calamares config needs to improved – remove applications and install applications

We need to recheck our Calamares configuration.

We forgot to tell Calamares to load the module packages. We show you where we would have found the information IF we had read the text that was available on Calamares.

We add a packages.conf to our configuration and change some of its variables like dummy to pacman.

We use the opportunity to clean up packages from our future system.

We do not need calamares nor its configuration and other dependency packages for Calamares on our future system.

Try_remove will try to remove a package but will NOT crash if it is not possible. If the package is needed for another package, it will just stay on the system.

We need to also tell in settings.conf to use the packages module.

It was better if we had chosen to put it after services-systemd. We will do that later in the project.

The Calamares had to be changed because no browser was installed afterwards.

We show you what has been changed since last video.

There are two major changes:

  1. packages modules moved to a lower place in settings.conf
  2. pacman-key –init and pacman-key –populate archlinux in customize_airootfs.sh

We were not able to install the browsers via Calamares because pacman was never initialized.

Then we try to rebuild.

¬†We analyze together the /var/log/calamares.log and see what we can found about firefox, calamares etc…