4 Using the carli-1 iso to install Arch Linux Cinnamon

Goals, Objectives & Strategy

  • prove without a doubt that the Carli iso can install Arch Linux
  • following the arch linux guide on Arcolinuxd.com – phase 5 – MBR


Check the previous articles to build a Carli iso.


We go over the steps to take how to build the iso in a short overview. See previous articles how to build an iso.

We boot up from the iso and we follow the guide from the arcolinuxd website. You either choose MBR or UEFI.

Then we follow every step. Sometimes we will skip things to spare some time.

We choose not to use a swap partition just to switch things up a bit and be a little bit faster.

Pacstrap is the application that will kickstart our linux system.

We install cinnamon on this Arch Linux system. 

video course

More sources

Here is the guide we used to install Arch Linux Cinnamon.


Github repositories of Carli are here :