4 Using archiso 49-1 for Carli 9

The video starts with a bit of history HOW ArcoLinux started and evolved – indulge me.

We have a Carli 9 on our github and we want to update it so that it can work with the latest Archiso 49-1.

We use plasma as example. You know you can choose any desktop.

We show you how to downgrade to an earlier version of Archiso. Say yes to downgrade so that the package is ignored by Pacman.

Then we install the latest version of Archiso 49-1.

What changed?

We use pamac-aur to analyze the package Archiso.

We use meld to compare Archiso with Carli 9.

This is a very important job. Take your time. Recheck and recheck.

We see that Archiso is building the iso “quietly”. Basically we think the system is crashing.

We change one parameter inside /usr/bin/mkarchiso from “y” to “n” – quiet. You can find it at the start of the file.


I used the script to clean the out and the work folder and then restarted building.

That was the solution.

Always start from a clean slate is a good practice.

We go over all the packages we have on our Carli repositories. We did see an error concerning carli-keyring. Later we will rebuild the package and that solved the issue.

Gitahead is a way to keep track of all the changes on a github.

Then we install Carli 9 in a VirtualBox.

When we boot we discover that Calamares is not launching. There seems to have been an update of kpmcore and the reference to the library is no longer number 9 but number 10.

We need to rebuild Calamares. We can immediately try out a Calamares that was published one hour ago – version 3.2.34. This is for me also a new version that I have never tested before.

Then we use the application updpkgsums to make new checksums inside the PKGBUILD.

Then we sign the package with gpg –detach-sign. Then we move our files to the repo and upload the package.

We make also a new carli-keyring and discover we can improve the PKGBUILD. Mv is changed to cp or move is changed to copy.

When we launch Carli 9 Calamares is working now. There is no issue with the Carli keyring either.

We do see that the Carli repo is NO LONGER in our working system?

We show you how we fix that in the video.