4 Figuring out the issues – summary

It is incredible difficult to recall the course of actions of the last 4-5 hours.

I do try in the video.

It is more important to ArcoLinux that you learn how to solve any challenge then learning this challenge.

Analyzing is super important. Use the tool meld to compare faster and more efficient.

Use the command ‘pt‘ to search faster into the content of hundreds of files.

Install the_platinum_searcher-bin to have the pt command.

The new build.sh script is not using mkinitcpio command anymore so that was definitely the way to investigate.

We were missing the initramfs files so that was my next job to figure out.

Then SDDM would not let me login after installation. 

So I tried lightdm instead and that worked just fine.

So it was an SDDM error or not?

After analyzing the error output of sudo systemctl status sddm.service and reading a lot about pam I remembered that Calamares had changed their User module considerably.

What if I downgraded Calamares?

Using calamares 3.2.27 I was then able to login into SDDM.

So we are back up and running and Carli 8 is a fact.