3 making the latest calamares and fixing our error with a new calamares configuration

Now it is time to fix that error but why not first build the latest Calamares.

There were several versions released since we last build one.

First we make a round-up.

What updates have we pushed to Carli 8?

You can always look a the commits we made on the github itself. You can do that locally too with gitfiend or gitahead or other apps.

Then we visit https://calamares.io to read what has changed and see the release number. We will need it.

We show you how easy it is to build a new calamares by copy/pasting and changing the version and asking for an updpkgsums.

Now we build as usual with makepkg.

After the creation of the package it needs to end on our repository.

Next up is our issue. Our error.

We will now look at the configuration of Calamares and see where this vmlinuz is coming from.

We need to change the name to vmlinuz-linux.



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