3 Creation of a new Calamares and new configuration

In this video we will create a new Calamares.

We will check our configuration files with the ones coming from the github of Calamares.

We will built a new configuration package.

Put the builds on the repo. Beware the jump in numbers from 20.9 to 20.10!!

Sign packages with gpg –detach-sign but also makepkg –sign.

Tip : read the code coming from github of Calamares.

Carli Github sources

Carli is a story that we have documented over the months and years. You could bingewatch from Carli 1 till the last one and you will get an idea what changes we made and what challenges we faced. Surely we will face similar challenges in the future. But then you need to solve it yourself. Problemsolving and analyzing is what we focus on in the videos.

You can find all the code on https://github.com/arcolinuxiso.

With github you can look at all the changes (called commits) we have made over the years. You will also find our repository, Calamares configuration and our pkgbuilds online.