2 Making sure our airootfs folder has root as user and group

Goals, Objectives & Strategy

  • airootfs needs to be owned by root as user and as group



We have changed the build script to be verbose as standard. We now put this new change online on the github.

The arch wiki of archiso says that airootfs folders and files should be root.

Our problem is that we have github in between. Github will NOT keep track of the user or the group so we need to do something extra. So when you download the github files they will be wrong.

The etc folder has erik as user and group. That can not be correct.

sudo chgrp -R root airootfs

sudo chown -R root airootfs

We add those lines to the build script.

We pose as a user and download the carli1 from the github.

The airootfs is now not from ROOT but from you as user and group.

We run the changed build script and analyze.


Github repositories of Carli are here :