2 Inspecting the new build script – building the iso – building ckbcomp and yay-bin

The file build.sh is the most important file. We have compared this file in a separate video.

Next we build the iso and since we have time to spare during building we make an new package for

  • yay-bin
  • ckbcomp

and put the new packages on our repo.

They will be included on the iso in our next build.

You can check what is on the iso by mounting the iso and read the pkglistx86_64 or package list.

Virtualbox test

We have created this iso with this package present


It is actually a meta package containing other meta packages.

As a result you get a lot of interesting software on the iso. But for our testing purposes it will take longer as well.

In the future isos we will omit this package and add dolphin, kate and konsole to have a file manager, editor and terminal.

Check out the video to see what this one word will install on your computer.

Iso is now 2.2 GB it will become 1.4 GB without that particular package.

During our installation we get an error image at 03:56.

Obviously something went wrong. We are missing vmlinuz on our system.

Remember that in the previous changes vmlinuz was renamed to vmlinuz-linux.

We need to fix that.

This particular file needs to be addressed via Calamares.

We have a look at what is in the log file of Calamares.

You can find it in /root/.cache/calamares/calamares.log

We find the line where it says vmlinuz does not exist.