2 Building the latest Calamares

Creating a new Calamares is actually super easy now because we have already a pkgbuild of an older version.

So we only need to change the version and put the new version on our Carli repo.

We discover we need dependencies. In order to be able to build we create a script that will install all the dependencies.

dep-calamares.sh will hold all the dependencies to build Calamares.We create it in the video. Tips how to use sublime-text.

We need to update the sha256sums with updpkgsums.

Then we can build it with makepkg.

We discover this ssd is still building xz packages and not zst packages.

We change the /etc/makepkg.conf in our system. – PKGEXT=’.pkg.tar.zst’

We improve the git-v2.sh script so that it will include the update_repo.sh script.