2 Arch Linux iso release from nov 2019

The new Arch Linux iso of November 2019 is out.

We will need to compare the release of Arch Linux with our Carli iso.

I want the Arch Linux iso to stay the basis.

But first I need to clean up my system – I use the latest script of https://bit.ly/arcogetstarted3. The number will increase over time.

We can open an iso by double clicking or other ways to open up the iso.

We get the pkglist.x86_64.txt of the iso of Arch Linux and then build the Carli iso to get its pkglist.

We see the message ” mount: work/efiboot : mount failed : Operation not permitted

What does this mean?

It just means you need to reboot.

We have rebooted and started the build again.

We have an interrupted build so we need to start from scratch.

We remove the work folder just to be sure.

We go look at the iso in the folder out.

The two package lists are the same – so no need to make a carli3.