10 Creating a pkgbuild for Calamares config

We created a branding for our Calamares. We want to see how it looks right now.

First we need to commit our config to the github. Then we create a PKGBUILD for carli-calamares-config.

We use one of the pkgbuilds from ArcoLinux to get some kind of start. We will change the code so we can re-use it to build our package.

We will make mistakes and some of them are intentional to learn and analyze what is wrong. We want you to be able to analyze the errors and solve them yourself.

There was still an ${_pkgname} in there and that was not intentional.

There was still a .git in the code and that was not intentional.

We will make this pkgbuild a template for efficient use for the next builds we will create.

We add our new package carli-calamares-config to packages.x86_64.