10 Adding more servers for our repository – creating our own mirrorlist

We give you a “in retrospect” video of what has been changed.

What changed in Carli 10?

We want to host our repo also on Gitlab.com so we have a fall-back and a choice. Users can decide for themselves which one is better for them.

We create a new package to include the carli-mirrorlist. We change the pacman.conf to reflect that. We change the way the repo is build to be compatible with Gitlab.

Gitlab can not work with symbolic links for its repository.

We change the way we put the databases and the files online.

We add our new package carli-mirrorlist to packages.x86_64.

We mirror our github repo on Gitlab. From time to time Gitlab will sync it again with our github. You can also push an update with a button.

Then we build and show you the changes again in the end-result.

Tip :

the branch name matters – I had issues with main and master. Remember that.