1 Let us compare the latest Arch Linux release with Carli

Every month Arch Linux is releasing its Arch Linux iso. So every month we need to see what packages they have added or deleted because we want our Carli to start off with the same package base as a rule.

We download the arch linux iso. We mount it (or unpack it) and we get the pkglist.x86_64.txt from the Arch Linux iso.

You can re-use my arcogetstarted script to get all the carli githubs. You can find it on discord in the official channel.

We need to build carli3 to know if the iso of Arch Linux and Carli3 contains the same packages and whether we need to create a carli3 because of the new monthly release.

We install archiso to be able to build the iso

sudo pacman -S archiso

We build Carli to get to our packaging list.

We compare both isos and we see that
is again out on the Arch Linux iso
as a ruleĀ 
We follow Arch Linux and create carli 4.