1 Creation of Carli 11

We have a look at the current state of the Carli 10 project and think what we can still explain.

  1. getting rid of all the netmodules – back to the KISS principle
  2. change from version name to date name
  3. switching from Plasma to Xfce4
  4. removing the calamares.desktop file from the user
  5. finding a grub theme
  6. applying a grub theme
  7. add prompt in Calamares before installing
  8. improving pkgbuild of Grub

We show you the workflow to come from Carli 10 to Carli 11.

Keeping track of settings with the creation of a release on Github.

We test out how it will look if we want to apply the KISS principle – no more netmodules.

The netmodules stay in and are just a “#” away and they are all back.