1 Comparing the new Archiso release with Carli

During our holiday months July and August of 2020 we get not one but two updates in. As always we need to follow up anything that happens to this application and adjust our scripts to it (if we want). It is our goal to stay as close as possible to the Arch Linux iso at all times.

We compare the new files with the old using meld.

We create a new github called Carli 8 and start with a copy/paste from Carli 7.

Then we compare the new files from archiso/releng with Carli 8.

We investigate the archiso package online – what changed can be found online.

There are two main name changes

intel_ucode.img and amd_ucode.img are now intel-ucode.img and amd-ucode.img


vmlinuz becomes vmlinuz-linux

We created a release on github after all the changes.

The build script will be done in the next video.

Major changes again